• Fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms (503638 - Fundamentos de estructuras de datos y algoritmos ): 2020-I, 2021-I
  • Programming in C (503208 - Programación I): 2020-II, 2021-II
    Teaching material (Spanish): Repository


  • [MSc, 2020-2021] Alexander Irribarra (Co-advisor: Diego Seco, UdeC): Improving the compact representations of planar graphs. (download - Spanish) (code)

  • [Undergrad, 2021-2022] Agustín Peña: Space-efficient computation of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform. (download - Spanish)
  • [Undergrad, 2021-2022] Diego Caripán: Platform to measure the energy consumption of algorithms and data structures. (download - Spanish)
  • [Undergrad, 2020-2021] Leonardo de la Fuente (Co-advisor: Zheng Li, UdeC): Energy consumption of data structures and algorithms. (download - Spanish) (code) (datasets and experimental results)
  • [Undergrad, 2020-pending] Matías Mora: Implementation of a dynamic succinct tree
  • [Undergrad, 2020] Alexander Irribarra (Advisor: Diego Seco, Co-advisor: José Fuentes, UdeC): Impact of the topology in compact representations of planar graphs. (download - Spanish)