Selected list of publications:

  • “Systematic labeling bias in galaxy morphologies”
    G Cabrera-Vives, CJ Miller, J Schneider, The Astronomical Journal 156 (6), 284, article
  • “Deep Learning for Image Sequence Classification of Astronomical Events”; 
    Rodrigo Carrasco-Davis, Guillermo Cabrera-Vives, Francisco Förster, Pablo A.
    Estévez, Pablo Huijse, Pavlos Protopapas, Ignacio Reyes, Jorge Martínez,
    Cristóbal Donoso, 2019, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, focus issue on Machine Learning, 131 (1004), 108006. arxiv
  • “Multiband galaxy morphologies for CLASH: a convolutional neural network transferred from CANDELS”; Manuel Pérez-Carrasco, Guillermo Cabrera-Vives, Monserrat Martinez-Marín, Pierluigi Cerulo, Ricardo Demarco, Pavlos Protopapas, Julio Godoy, Marc Huertas-Company, 2019, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, focus issue on Machine Learning, 131 (1004), 108002.  arxiv. Download the  data. Download the model.
  • “Enhanced Rotational Invariant Convolutional Neural Network for Supernovae Detection”; Esteban Reyes, Pablo A. Estévez, Ignacio Reyes, Guillermo Cabrera-Vives, Pablo Huijse, Rodrigo Carrasco and Francisco Forster, 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2018). arxiv
  • “Deep-HiTS: Rotation Invariant Convolutional Neural Network for Transient Detection”; G. Cabrera-Vives, Ignacio Reyes, Francisco Förster, Pablo Estévez, Juan-Carlos Maureira, 2017, The Astrophysical Journal, 836, 97. article arxiv
  • “A Catalog of Visual-like Morphologies in the 5 CANDELS Fields Using Deep Learning”; M. Huertas-Company, R. Gravet, G. Cabrera-Vives, P. G. Prez-Gonzlez, J. S. Kartaltepe, G. Barro, M. Bernardi, S. Mei, F. Shankar, P. Dimauro, E. F. Bell, D. Kocevski, D. C. Koo, S. M. Faber, D. H. Mcintosh, 2015, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 221, 8. article arxiv
  • “Systematic Labeling Bias: De-biasing where Everyone is Wrong”; G. Cabrera, C. J. Miller, J. Schneider, 2014, 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, p. 4417. article
  • “Bayesian Image Reconstruction Based on Voronoi Diagrams”; G. F. Cabrera, S. Casassus, N. Hitschfeld, 2008, Astrophysical Journal, 672, 1272. article arxiv

A complete list of my publications can be obtained from my google scholar profile.