Expositor:  Zheng Li, Departamento de Ingeniería Informática y Ciencias de la Computación
I have been excited to see quite a few collaboration opportunities on data-driven topics since I joined our department. I would then like to share some initial collaboration ideas by using several of our studies in the software engineering domain. In fact, even before the popularity of the term “data science”, there have been data-intensive researches in software engineering, and especially in empirical software engineering. An example is the very active field Mining Software Repositories, and I will use an innovation triangle to explain why we need collaboration here. The second part of my talk will be the so-called Software-driven Scalability. I reckon some audiences might also be interested in my culture background, so I will spend a bit time on talking about Chinese new year followed by its big data problem that requires software-driven scaling. Unlike the two dimensions of scaling a system from the hardware’s perspective, there are generally three dimensions of software-driven scaling. I will briefly explain the three dimensions, and one of them will hopefully lead us to a promising collaboration (at least in my opinion) on the microservices architecture for dealing with satellite remote sensing data.
Ubicación: Sala IS 3-1, Edificio Ingeniería de Sistemas
Hora: 12Hrs.